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Sending Mail to UNCG - Envelope and Package Addressing

For envelopes and packages, your mailing address should follow this format:

Department Name
Room #, Building Name
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

UNCG departments, on and off campus, use PO box 26170 with Zip Code 27402-6170 for mail delivery.

Two additional PO Boxes exist for specific campus use:

  • ❖ UNCG Athletics, PO Box 26165; Zip Code 27402-6168
  • ❖ Bryan School, PO Box 26168; Zip Code 27402-6165

Packages delivered to campus departments must use a campus street address and Zip Code 27412. This applies only to campus buildings within the boundary of Tate St., West Market St., Aycock St., and Oakland Ave. All other buildings outside of this perimeter will use their local zip code.

For more information, refer to our list of street addresses for campus buildings.

Campus Building Street Address ZIP Code
525 Tate St. 525 Tate St. 27412
1100 West Market St. 1100 West Market St. 27412
Alumni House 404 College Ave. 27412
Aycock Auditorium 408 Tate St. 27412
Bailey 305 West Drive 27412
Brown Annex 404 Tate St. 27412
Brown Building 402 Tate St. 27412
Bryan Building 516 Stirling St 27412
Campus Supply 806 Oakland Ave. 27412
Chemical Safety 724 Stirling St. 27412
Coit 312 Gray Drive 27412
Cone1104 North Drive 27412
Cotten 314 Gray Drive 27412
Curry Building 1109 Spring Garden St. 27412
Eberhart Building 321 McIver St. 27412
Elliott University Center 507 Stirling St. 27412
Faculty Center 402 College Ave. 27412
Ferguson Building 524 Highland Ave 27412
Forney Building 401 College Ave 27412
Foust Building 1010 Administration Dr 27412
Gatewood Building 527 Highland Ave 27412
Gove Health Building 107 Gray Drive 27412
Graham Building 1009 Spring Garden St. 27412
Gray 316 Gray Drive 27412
Gray Home Management House 105 Gray Drive 27412
Grogan 1202 North Drive 27412
Guilford 300 College Avenue 27412
Hawkins 103 Gray Drive 27412
Haywood 1001 Union Street 27403
Mary Channing Coleman Building 1408 Walker Ave. 27412
MHRA Building Building 1111 Spring Garden St 27412
Highland Hall701 Highland Ave27403
Hinshaw 309 West Drive 27412
Jackson Library 320 College Ave. 27412
Jamison 301 Gray Drive 27412
Jefferson Suites 1501 Spring Garden Street 27412
Lee 700 Highland Avenue 27403
Lofts on Lee 915 Gate City Blvd. 27403
Mary Foust 301 College Avenue 27412
McIver Building 1008 Administration Dr 27412
McNutt Building 611 Forest St. 27412
Moore Building 318 McIver St. 27412
Moore/Strong 106 Gray Drive 27412
Moran Commons (Dining Hall) 1209 North Dr 27412
Mossman Building 1202 Spring Garden St. 27412
Music Building 100 McIver St. 27412
Sullivan Science Building 301 McIver St. 27412
North Spencer 316 College Avenue 27412
Petty Building 317 College Ave. 27412
Phillips 103 Gray Drive 27412
Ragsdale Building 201 Gray Dr. 27412
Ragsdale/Mendenhall 201 Gray Drive 27412
Reynolds 1206 North Drive 27412
Reynolds Building 1206 North Dr 27412
Shaw 1310 Walker Avenue 27412
Sink Building 800 Oakland Ave. 27412
Smith Building 500 Stirling St 27412
South Spencer 316 College Avenue 27412
Spring Garden Apts 1540 Spring Garden Street 27412
Stone Building 319 College Ave 27412
Strong Building 106 Gray Drive 27412
Student Recreation Center 1510 Walker Ave. 27412
Taylor Building 406 Tate St. 27412
Tower Village 1541 Spring Garden Street 27412
UNCG Police 1200 W. Gate Blvd. 27412
Union 917 Union Street 27403
Visitor Center 1400 Spring Garden St 27412
Walker Ave Parking Deck 506 Stirling St. 27412
Weatherspoon Spring Garden & Tate Street 27412
Weil/Winfield 200 West Drive 27412

Sending Mail from UNCG

Metered Mail
Metered mail is often the most efficient and cost effective method for departments to send mail. For details please visit our metered mail page.

Departments can charge postage to their department funds. To request stamps or supplies, please use our supply request form. Please note that you should be logged into your UNCG iSpartan account before trying to access our request form.

Bulk Mailing
For bulk mailings, rates will be assessed based on the number of items and the type of item. Bulk mail should only be considered when over 200 pieces are to be sent. Departments are required to notify Postal Services when sending bulk mail. Failure to notify Postal Services will introduce delays! Please contact Postal Services to determine the best mailing option for your project. Bulk mail details can be found here. Once your bulk mailing is ready for pick-up, please notify the post office by filling out the bulk mail form. Please note that you should be logged into your UNCG iSpartan account before trying to access our request form.

Supply Request

In need of USPS stamps, supplies, charge forms, or interdepartmental envelopes? Let us know by filling out our online Supply Request Form and we'll deliver them right to your department!

Delivery Information

Spartan Mail typically delivers to departments between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. We will also pick-up outgoing mail at that time. If you have more than 200 pieces or more than 70 lbs., please fill out our Bulk Mail Form. For questions regarding your delivery, please contact us. Thank you!

Mail Guide

For more in-depth information about what USPS offers please check out out Mail Services Guide.