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Student Questions

What do I need to pickup mail/packages from my mail center?

You need two things:

  • 1. Your one-time pickup code, which is emailed to your @uncg email address. If you cannot find this code, you can also lookup your one-time codes by logging into Spartan Mail Management.

  • 2. Your SpartanCard.
When will my package be ready for pickup? I received an email from my shipper!

UNCG Postal Services processes packages and mail as quickly as possible. However, during “back-to-school” and other rush periods, it make take some extra time for us to process your shipment. Emails from shippers (UPS, FedEx, etc) do not mean your package is ready to pick-up; shipper emails simply acknowledge that your package has been received by our sorting facility. Your package will be ready for pickup only once you have received an email from us ( If you have not received an email after 2 business days of your package arriving at our sorting facility, please contact us so that we can investigate possible issues.

I’m having trouble sending mail to the ‘at UNCG’ address format, what should I do?

Third-party websites and services often attempt to verify your address before shipping your order. The UNCG student zip code, 27413, is an official USPS zip code specifically designed to support the iSpartan notification and box system. If you are having trouble it is likely due to the website’s verification process on address line one. In addition, websites often allow you to bypass their address verification. As long as you are using zip code 27413 and following our address format, you will receive your mail!

Departmental, Faculty, and Staff Questions

I received an email stating that my package was available for pickup; isn’t mail delivered to our offices?

If you received an email specifying you must pick up your package, it is likely due to incorrect formatting of the campus address. Faculty/staff mail has a distinct address format and zip-code; mail addressed incorrectly may end up in our student mail center. For faculty/staff addressing information, please see our Faculty/Staff Mail page.

My postal carrier is early/late – when are they supposed to deliver/pickup my mail?

Carriers typically serve departments between 10am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. However, there are many factors that can influence when your carrier will arrive to assist your department. These include:

  • ❖ Weather events
  • ❖ Equipment malfunctions/maintenance
  • ❖ Early/Late arrival of USPS and third-party mail
  • ❖ “Back-to-school” and other heavy-volume periods
  • ❖ Flexible scheduling due to vacations, illness, or other emergencies

In short, while we strive to deliver consistent and quality service, we are unable to guarantee exact delivery/pickup times. If you have a special or high-priority need please contact us using our contact page so we can work to accommodate your request.