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Business Reply Mail (BRM) is a service available to all University departments through Postal Services in association with Spartan Printing. This service allows departments to provide a recipient with the business version of a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) without having to pay standard postage for each reply. Just a few examples are for departments seeking to encourage return response for survey data or those needing to collect documents/receipts. The department will only be charged for any pieces of Business Reply Mail returned.

BRM pieces may include envelopes, flats, and postcards.

If your department has never sent a Business Reply Mailing, you should contact Spartan Printing for help in creating #9 BRE Imprint, as this will be needed for BRM as well.

Though not required, Bulk Mail can also be utilized for the initial sending to further reduce cost (standard requirements apply). Please visit our Bulk Mail page for more information regarding details and departmental steps to properly utilize the service.