Forwarding Your Mail

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For Returning Residential Students

If you would like your mail forwarded for the summer, you will need to submit a forwarding form with UNCG Postal Services. Your forwarding reqest will:

  • Direct your envelope mail to a temporary address
  • Send your mail piece by piece to the new address (excluding bulk/junk mail, magazines, packages, and other specific items)
  • Expire in 90 days or sooner (if you notify us)

Please use our forwarding form to request temporary mail forwarding.

If you have already left and have questions about mail forwarding, please contact us using our contact page.

For Students Who Are Graduating, Leaving UNCG or Moving Off Campus

  • When graduating, leaving UNCG or moving off campus, it is your responsibility to contact your friends, family, businesses, etc. to update your address. It is wise to submit this in advance of leaving, if possible, due to delays that many providers experience.
  • If you have magazine subscriptions or catalogues, you will need to notify the company. We will not forward magazines/catalogues, nor will we hold them.
  • Packages will not be forwarded. Please make sure you send packages to your new address before leaving campus.
  • IMPORTANT: All mail must be addressed correctly or it will be returned to sender.
  • You must keep your Housing Assignment to send mail to UNCG.

To have your mail permanently forwarded for 90 days, please use our forwarding form.